A Gif Recap Of Actors Who Couldn’t Wait To Get Away From The Oscars’ Red Carpet


Being one of Hollywood’s elite means endless perks of beautiful gowns, gorgeous jewels, swanky swag bags, and the envy of everyone at home watching the Oscars. It also means endless red carpet interviews that often involve answering the same question 20 times in five minutes.

Here are a few of the 88th Academy Award guests who couldn’t wait to get off the carpet and get to their seat.

Leonardo DiCaprio prayed that he no longer had to talk about feeling blessed after spending a year in -30 temperatures and still not have an Oscar.


Saoirse Ronan waved goodbye to all the people who called her Sorzo.


Rooney Mara tried to be cool when interviewers called her Kate.


Kevin Hart referencing the elephant in the room of Chris Rock getting the Oscar hosting job and taking away the only role Kevin Hart didn’t get this year.

elephant in room

Nine-year old Jacob Tremblay reminding us that he’s cooler than the rest of us.


Matt Damon going through the list of things he would eat after spending 500 days on Mars.


Charlize Theron going through the list of things she’s going to eat after taking off her stunning red gown.


Julianne Moore commenting on Yeezy’s most recent Twitter tirade with her own #KanyeShrug.

kanye shrug

Tina Fey and Michael Strahan killing time with a selfie.


Lady Gaga waving to the haters who say singers shouldn’t act.