A Guide To Hugging By Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a hugger. Whether she’s wrapping her arms around fans who have waited hours in line to see her or snuggling up to one of her many celebrity friends, Taylor is not afraid to show some love and we love that about her.

Taylor is a woman of many talents and one of them is her ability to deliver a variety of hugs. Let’s break them down, shall we?

The Musical Icon Hug

The Acting Icon Hug

The Kardashian Hug

The Passing The Pop Love Hug

The Ed Sheeran Hug*
*Yes, Ed gets his own hug.

The Red Carpet Hug

The Secret Sessions Hug

The I’m Doing So Much For Your Career With This Hug Hug

The Did You Borrow My Lipstick Hug

The Brother From The Same Mother Hug

The Kiss/Hug Combo Hug

The Birthday Hug

The Giving A Hug Through Skype Hug*
*This one is our fave.

Keep Hugging, Taylor!