A How-To Guide On Getting Out Of Work To Watch The Blue Jays In Game 5

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It’s been over twenty years since The Blue Jays last won a World Series in 1993 and baseball fever has reached its height in Canada. This afternoon is Game 5 of the Jays against Texas Rangers in the American League Division Series, with a loss meaning the end of the season for TO.

As the only Canadian team in the running for the World Series, it’s not just Toronto who will be cheering on the blue and white today. Fans from PEI to BC will be getting into the baseball spirit, stretching summer into October having one day when baseball hats are allowed in school and the office.

But the game starts at 4E/1P, you say! How can I get out of work/school, you add? Fear not. We have some ideas.

Give your boss/teacher a gift to put them in a good mood.

Gif 1a

Comment on how hot you’re suddenly feeling and act concerned that you’re coming down with the ‘Blue Plague’.

Gif 2aa

If your boss or teacher doesn’t buy your sick act, then remind them that watching today’s game would be a great bonding experience.

Gif 3

Reinforce the fact that the last time the Jays won the pennant you weren’t old enough to stay awake to watch the game and don’t want to miss a moment of history in the making.

Gif 4

When they finally agree, grab a drink and do a happy dance.

Gif 5

‘Rush’ to the nearest TV or computer to screen this afternoon’s game.

Gif 6

But not before walking out of class or work like the boss you are.

Gif 7

Go Jays!

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