A Tribute To One Of Canada’s Most Beloved Bands

Thu, August, 18 by Gregg Stewart

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A Note From Gregg Stewart, our Associate Director of Music Marketing Strategy & MuchFACT:

This Saturday, a nation will celebrate one of its most beloved bands when The Tragically Hip conclude their touring career with a swan song in their hometown of Kingston, Ontario. The concert will be broadcast to all of Canada for what promises to be one giant singalong.

We, too, will be joining in by dedicating the day to what we’ve deemed #TheHipOnMuch, starting at 6am ET.

We’ll be airing all of their music videos, from Small Town Bringdown to In A World Possessed By The Human Mind and everything in between. We’ve dug into the Much archives and unearthed interview clips through the years, plus some classic content. We’ve also reached out to musicians—including Sam Roberts, Arkells, Maestro, July Talk, Walk Off The Earth and more—for their memories. The day will be a celebration of all things Hip.

In deciding to put this together, many fans here at Much came out of the woodwork. Not only as fans – but people with deep stories about their memories, love of the music and even brushes with the band members.

I myself continue to be a fan after having first heard them over 25 years ago. I actually first sought employment at Universal Music because it was the label that distributed The Tragically Hip’s music. The idea of being on the inside and hearing the music before the masses was a dream. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the band in countless small Toronto clubs, such as The Horseshoe Tavern, Lee’s Palace, The Phoenix and The Supermarket in Kensington, as well as arenas and large concert venues, like Massey Hall. I’ve traveled to their shows in Vermont, New York City and London, England, and festival appearances at Woodstock 99, Eden Music Festival, Molson Park and Another Roadside Attractions.

Last week, I attended the first of their three shows at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. I didn’t fully realize the magnitude of this tour until the encore. It’s a truly courageous and ambitious tour for the band, and I can only imagine the emotional, physical and spiritual drain it’s had on the whole team. This was a tour about a man doing what he was born to do. He’s an entertainer, a poet, a singer-songwriter, a dancer, a fighter, and above all, a beautiful human that gives his audience everything he has. That night in Toronto will forever live with me as a beautiful celebration of life through this iconic band’s music.

Here are a few links to help you celebrate The Hip:

Long live the band that continues to capture my imagination and ignite fond memories throughout my own journey.

Associate Director, Music Marketing Strategy & MuchFACT, Bell Media

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