Abbi And Ilana Go Day Tripping On This Week’s ‘Broad City’


Recreational drug use is a huge, if not crucial part of Broad City. But before this week, we’ve never seen one of Abbi and Ilana’s trips last this long or go this badly. Fortunately their pain is our pleasure, as Abbi and Ilana’s drug-fuelled adventure is what makes “Mushrooms,” an incredible half-animated roller coaster ride, possible.



“Mushrooms” opens on Ilana using a remote control to mix a bunch of stuff into a bowl. The key ingredient? ‘Shrooms. After she and Abbi eat a disgusting-looking ‘shroom-yogurt concoction, Ilana checks a few items off of her trip packing list—Tootsie Pops, whistle, dream catcher, and back-up dream catcher. Ilana may be a lot of things, but at least she’s not unprepared.

At first neither Abbi nor Ilana feel the effects of the ‘shrooms. But once they notice a “dust ruffle blowing as if in the wind,” they happily realize that they’re both in for a wild ride. They head outside and passionately discuss a number topics ranging from love to the miracle of birth to butt-bras as the world around them turns into a full-on Yellow Submarine-esque cartoon. Strangely, the Broads’ high-energy behaviour seems slightly more subdued when they’re surrounded by sparkling rainbows and neon taxi cabs.

And just to give you a heads up, you might have to watch this episode more than once to catch all the visual craziness happening in the background of and between scenes. At one point, a man slides around on a huge stack of pancakes while a giant dog pours syrup on top of him.



After Abbi and Ilana fly across the sky (stand on top of a sewer grate with their arms raised above their heads), fall through a massive rabbit hole (walk through a tunnel) and pretend that they’re the two newest members of Stomp (bang on mailboxes and trash cans to make “music”), they walk down an alleyway and emerge into some sort of magical oasis, where Lincoln’s still into Ilana, mini watermelons float through the air, and you can make out with your own clone.

But the dream can’t last forever. Abbi feels something vibrate and realizes Dara’s messaging her—on a weekend! She wants Abbi to buy and deliver 100 macarons to her house for her wife’s birthday party, and because Abbi’s determined to get Dara to notice and appreciate her, she agrees.

She and Ilana work through their sweet, sweet stash of Tootsie Pops to calm themselves down and, after turning into literal “cool cucumbers,” make their way to an uber-French, uber-fancy macaron store.


Abbi and Ilana buy their macarons (which, despite what the Broads say, look pretty and taste amazing) and head over to Dara’s house, where Dara unexpectedly invites them to stay for the party. At this point they’ve returned to non-cartoon reality, but Ilana insists that they smoke some weed to try to hold on to their high. They both feel pretty invincible, as Dara has just told Abbi that they should discuss her career goals and an extremely hot couple has just asked Ilana to have a threesome with them.

So they smoke a little more than they probably should, and everything goes haywire. Nevertheless, Ilana leaves for her hotel rendezvous while Abbi stays at Dara’s, both pretending that everything is completely normal.

Ilana’s suitors strip down before she can even take her jacket off, but for some reason Ilana has a hard time getting hard (figuratively). Even though—wait for it—the couple wants her to wear a strap-on. If you’ve seen the Season 2 episode “Knockoffs,” you’ll probably remember that strap-on sex is a huge deal for Ilana. So she goes to the bathroom to give herself some words of encouragement (Ilana Rodham Obama Wexler, Vulverine, and Nicki Minashkenazi are just a few of the names she calls herself to boost her confidence), but even a couple of imagined pep talks from cartoon Lincoln aren’t enough to turn her on.

Meanwhile, a tripped-out Abbi lets Dara’s cat, Amanda, outside and convinces herself that she’s stuck in Dara’s office. Abbi tries thinking of Oprah, Mark Ruffalo, flutes, and pugs to calm her down, but her head hurts too much and so she doesn’t notice when a distressed Amanda starts meowing in pain.



Which means that by the time Dara enters the room looking for Abbi, it’s too late. Dara’s super understanding when Abbi admits she’s been high since she got to the party, but isn’t as understanding when she learns that Abbi accidentally killed Amanda. Dara fires Abbi while her party guests look on in horror, temporarily crushing Abbi’s dreams of moving up in the art world.

Back at the hotel, Ilana emerges from the bathroom naked and ready to rumble, but realizes that her would-be lovers are now more interested in talking about Ilana’s sexual frustration than having a threesome. The next day, Ilana takes her aggravation out on Lincoln by deleting, unfriending, and unfollowing him from every social media platform imaginable (including The Al Dente Dentist). Ilana lets out a cathartic scream and turns to Abbi, who congratulates her for trying to move on but sadly notes that the scream “was the same sound the cat made as it died slowly.” What a dark note to end on!

And now, our questions. Is Ilana really done with Lincoln, or will he pop up again in the form of a floating cartoon head? More importantly, will Ilana ever get another chance to fulfill her sexy strap-on fantasies? We also want to know what’ll happen to Abbi. She’s already faced a lot of disappointment this season, in terms of both her romantic relationships and now her career. While Abbi’s struggles have and will probably continue to fuel episodes, we hope she eventually catches a break.



“Then I realized that I don’t have permanent mono. I’m just a little allergic to almond milk!” – Abbi, out-of-context, to Ilana

“Turns out she was convicted of arson, but now she’s a crossfit trainer.” – Ilana, out-of-context, to Abbi

“Hope you’re into a soft, Russian, peasant body.” – Ilana, to her two hot suitors

“They’re the trans people of the vegetable community” – Ilana, about the mind-blowing fact that all pickles were once cucumbers

“Well, well, well, looks like Abbi’s night’s turning around, huh?” – Abbi, to a picture of a cat


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