Abbi Jacobson And Ilana Glazer Reveal How ‘Broad City’ Ends

Broad City, Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The beginning of the end is almost here. The Season 5 premiere of Broad City, what is to be the final season of the beloved comedy, is set to air on Much on Thursday, January 24 at 10E/7P and to say that we’re not ready would be an understatement. At the same time, we would never be ready to say goodbye to our fronds to the ond. Thankfully, Abbi and Ilana are feeling the same emotions just as strongly.

The creators and stars of Broad City appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night to discuss the final season, which they say ends with all the tears. So. Many. Tears. Jacobson and Glazer shot the final scene of the show on their last day of filming, which Glazer said turned into four hours of “hysterically crying on a sidewalk in Queens.”

“We just needed the last moment shooting together to be the last moment for them too,” said Jacobson of the pair’s on-screen alter egos. “We’ve very much grown up with these characters and we just had to create an experience in shooting it too and that just felt, like for the crew and for everyone, that was just necessary.”

As for how the pair have continued to come up with fresh and relatable material for ten years (the show started as a web series), their secret is…Google Docs. “The whole time we’ve had a spreadsheet and anything that happened to us we would put it in the spreadsheet,” said Jacobson. “It’s a shared Google Doc and that’s been ten years of our lives.”

Google Docs has literally never sounded cooler. The pair also shared a story they wished they could have included, which took place during the editing of the final season and involved an impressive side-by-side peeing session.

Even with the final season of Broad City now shot, and Jacobson and Glazer busy working on other projects, the pair have continued to release episodes of Hack Into Broad City. Kweens until the bitter end.

Catch up on Broad City by streaming Seasons 1 to 4 on Crave.