Adele Throws Titanic-Themed 30th Birthday Party

Adele, Titanic

Ever since Titanic made its debut at the movie theatres in December 1997 and quickly became the biggest movie of all time, there has been one central debate surrounding the historical film — was there really not enough room on the wood for both Jack and Rose to survive?

Now, thanks to Adele’s 30th birthday party, we have a new debate brewing around the iconic film. Is it poor taste to throw a Titanic-themed birthday party?

Celebrating her 30th birthday this past weekend, Adele threw a Titanic-themed party to ring in the next decade. Looking like Kate Winslet’s body double, Adele wore a beaded dress to get into the mode of Rose DeWitt, looking strikingly similar to Winslet’s famous character.

Adele Instagrammed a few pictures from the evening, including her standing at the top of a staircase that looks straight out of James Cameron’s blockbuster film, as well as a pic of the singer arriving in a vintage car. Adele wrote that her 30th birthday party was ‘the best night of her life’ and thanked her friends and family for indulging her love of Titanic, the movie.

This is where things get a bit tricky.

It’s no surprise that Adele wanted to play Rose for the evening. How many among us watched Titanic for the first time and declared with certainty that we would marry Leonardo DiCaprio one day? Thousands? Millions? It’s gotta be in the millions. Adele has also declared her love for Titanic in the past, including the time she met Céline Dion while wearing a Titanic-themed sweatshirt.

Adele enjoyed the evening with some of her famous friends, including Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, who looked ready to dance the Irish jig in third class.

About last night…

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Beats 1 host Zane Lowe could have doubled for Rose’s fiancé Cal Hockely, looking very dapper in his tux.


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Chatty man Alan Carr appeared to be dressed as the unsinkable Molly Brown.

As Long As He Needs Me #nancy

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Mark Ronson wore fake icicles in his hair to play a member of the first class who didn’t survive the sinking.

Cold Blooded.

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And director Sam Taylor-Johnson danced with Adele in a life jacket.

Well that was some crazy ass fun!! Happy Birthday Beautiful Best party ever!! @adele

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Parties with themes around movies are common, but what happens when the movie is based on actual events that resulted in more than 1,500 people dying? Let’s not forget, the Titanic sinking was a historical event in which people died horrific deaths in freezing water at sea.

Of course, celebrating a movie is one thing, but can you separate the movie from the actual event it’s based on? This would be an easier pill to swallow without the fake ice and the life jackets. If the party only focused on the first hour and a half of the movie, it would feel less morose.

Fans on social media are speaking out about the Titanic theme, with reactions mixed.

So, Titanic-themed parties. Yay or nay?