Adorable Animals In Wheelchairs To Motivate You Into The New Year


Confession. We have a small obsession. The obsession is with animals in wheelchairs. We love when disabled animals get a new life thanks to a loving keeper and some ingenuity.

As a personal aside, my heart was first warmed by an animal in a wheelchair when I took a dog I was sitting to a dog park for a run. There with all the dogs was a big spaniel running as fast as the rest of the dogs with his legs propped up in a back wheelchair. He was so happy to be out playing with the rest of the dogs, seemed quite unaware of his differences and the rest of the pooches were so curious.

So we looked all over the web to find some of the cutest animals in wheelchairs to motivate you in to the New Year. If they can keep moving, so can you!

Holli The Alpaca


This is Holli. She is adorable. The alpaca from just outside St. Louis was adopted by her family after she was born prematurely. When she was young, she got spooked by a dog and injured her spine during the excitement. Her owner fought for her recovery which included acupuncture, water therapy, massages, supplements, and other treatments. She is often visited by kids and is a comfort for the elderly. So cute!



Lily the rabbit is just a little dust ball. She had a back problem when she was born so North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary hooked her up with this set of wheels. Eeee! Look at her go.

The Chihuahua and The Chicken


The only thing better than a cute puppy in a wheelchair is one with an unlikely animal friendship. These guys became friends at the Duluth Animal Hospital. The best friends are inseparable and proof that the cutest pals are the weirdest pals.

Turbo The Chihuahua


We are sure that you already know Turbo. He was an internet sensation. For good reason. He is so sweet and little. What makes his story cool is that after he became famous online, a man reached out to Turbo’s owner and created a custom 3D printed sling for him. Take a look. So sweet!


Chris P Bacon The Teacup Pig


We don’t like the idea of eating this little pig, but come on, his name is hilarious. Like a lot of animals on this list, the little guy was set to be put down before someone stepped in. In Chris’ case it was vet Len Lucero who stepped in and built him a specially-designed wheelchair. Now he visits kids in wheelchairs to make them smile. He even has his own children’s book.


The Happiest Dog Ever


Max is a retired police dog with arthritis. And boy does he love leaves. He had to take early retirement from a drug enforcement team in the UK after seven years of dedicated service. He also can sniff out your drugs so don’t underestimate him.

Flipper The Cute Kitty


Flipper’s story is very inspiring. She was brought to the vet with a back and spinal injury. So, the vet hospital administrator approached the local high school robotics team to build her support wheels. The first two prototypes failed but they made the final design with model airplane parts. We vote for Flipper as the new mega meme cat. She deserves her own movie.

Leo The Thai Puppy


This dog was found on the beach in Thailand by a Canadian tourist. No rescue centre would take him so she decided to take him home back across the world to Canada. She first raised $5000 to have him taken care of at a Thai vet. Now he lives in Sarnia and walks with the help of a wheelchair. Wow Canadians are awesome.

Harry the Mini Horse


This is Harry. He was born with deformities in his legs but can now wheel around with the help of his chair. But, wheelchairs aren’t cheap. We have to imagine that his cousin Parks and Recreation‘s Lil Sebastian used his big TV bucks to help him out.

Spin the Sheep


This little lamb is named Spin. Like take a spin in a wheelchair or spin some yarn. Something like that. Spin was born with a birth defect that left her unable to use her hind legs, so she has been rolling around instead, using wheelchairs since she was only 12 days old. She even was profiled by The Wall Street Journal.