ADORBS! The Essential Guide To Leonardo DiCaprio Teen Posters


Leonardo DiCaprio turns 40 years old today and is only becoming more famous and more relevant by the day.


I have often said how unlikely it is that my number one teen crush when I was twelve has had this incredible longevity in both his acting and his good looks. My apologies to the Andrew Keegan fans. I feel for you.

He is still pushing the envelope with his acting. You know what I mean if you saw him crawl on his belly for an ungodly amount of time to his car in The Wolf of Wall Street. He has also carved out a very respectable reputation as an environmentalist. From being one of the most famous faces at the People’s Climate March to speaking at the United Nations to becoming the executive producer of one of the best films of 2014, the Netflix documentary Virunga. (IT IS SO GOOD!)

But rewind back 15 years and he was adorning the walls of every preteen girl. He was and still is, adorbs. So we decided to dig into the Lisa Frank folders that we still keep our Leo pullouts in, and look at some of the classic Leo posters of yore. If you were a preteen girl in the late 90’s and didn’t have these posters on your wall, you can’t call yourself a teen Leo fan.

Check them out.

Leo Rocks A Pin Striped Suit and a Sick Collar and a Gold Chain

As adorable as he is, this may have been the first sign that Leo can swing from complete red carpet stud to fashion abomination.

Leo Stares Into His Soul Looking All Cozy


This one I had as a full size poster that I bought at HMV. The photo looks like it was taken in Rose’s boudoir in Titanic but I like to think he is waiting in his comfy clothes to watch The Good Wife with me.

Leo Promotes A Bad Habit Before His eCig Days


I doubt my mom approved of this one but it definitely foreshadowed Leo’s love for E-Cigarettes.

Leo’s Jack Poses Perfectly In The Sunlight


This is a photo straight from Titanic‘s promo materials. He looks almost cherubic with his baby smooth skin and perfect pucker sitting under heavenly lighting.

Leo’s Blue Eyes Look Pretty On A Blue Background Pt 1


These next two photos are clearly from the same photo shoot that is definitely one of Leo’s classics from the late 90’s and early 00’s era. These pictures make it quite clear that every photo ever taken of Leo should be in front of a blue background.

Leo’s Blue Eyes Look Pretty On A Blue Background Pt 2


The more cheerful version of the above photo. Also, less red.

Leo’s Brief Experimentation With Spiked Hair


This was originally going to be titled “Leo’s Brief Experimentation With Hair Gel” but he will often use a good hair product to slick his hair back in 2014. But, this is one of the few times that a young Leo strayed from his shaggy style.

Leo’s First Expression of Environmentalism


This photo is classic. It is the first one that comes to mind when I think of young Leo. It is amazing. There is a swan. They are cuddling with their necks.

Leo Needs Some Sun


Part of young Leo’s attractiveness was his pale baby face topped with light hair. He may be a little too pale in this one. Can someone check his pulse?

Leo Shows His Playful Side For 1 Second


I like to imagine this is around the time that Leo, David Blaine and Tobey Maguire are club hopping in New York and LA being total playas. I think I am right.