Adventure Club Still Love Emo Music (Just Not Their Own)


Thu, September, 3 by


Long before they were making dynamic dance tracks, Montreal duo Adventure Club were performing emo music. And while Christian Srigley and Leighton James still embrace that genre, they’re not exactly promoting their old material.

“We embrace it 100 percent,” Srigley says, with a laugh. “We try to keep that from the public […] We still love emo music, we just don’t promote our own.”

While the now-electronic duo are not exactly willing to share their emo past with their fans, they do share many other things with them via social media including a weekly “worst fan of the week” contest of sorts and giving away many, many guestlist spots.

“I mean, technically it’s the best fan of the week,” James explains, of their search for “terrible fans”. “It’s anyone who, like, has constant interactions with us on Twitter for that week or for the past year. We just started doing it maybe three years ago…We find it kind of funny.”

James takes those fan interactions a step further by responding to many guestlist requests…maybe too many? “During the show, I tend to get a little too many drinks in me,” he says. “And when I go up to meet fans I’ll be like, ‘Yeah, you can be on the guestlist for our next show, no problem,’ and that kind of just snowballs.”

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