Against Me! Has A New Album And Single


Against Me! announced their seventh studio album, Shape Shift With Me, will be out September 16, and shared both the cover art and full track list. Shape Shift With Me is a follow-up to 2014’s critically acclaimed Transgender Dysphoria Blues, which dealt with gender dysphoria after Laura Jane Grace came out as transgender.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the band’s frontwoman says this release will be centred on love, which the band has evaded much to this point: “There’s been an infinite amount of records talking about what love means from a cisgender perspective. I wanted to present the trans perspective on sex, love, and heartbreak,” she said.


This November, Grace plans to release her memoir, Tranny: Confessions of Punk Rock’s Most Infamous Anarchist Sellout. According to Pitchfork, the memoir will discuss Grace’s personal life growing up with gender dysphoria, playing in a punk band and will also include personal journal entries from throughout her life.

Hear their first single, “333,” off Shape Shift With Me and find the full tracklist below.

Shape Shift With Me tracklist:

1. ProVision L-3
2. 12:03
3. Boyfriend
4. Crash
5. Delicate, Petite & Other Things I’ll Never Be
6. 333
7. Haunting, Haunted, Haunts
8. Dead Rats
9. Rebecca
10.“Norse Truth
11. Suicide Bomber
12. All This (And More)

Still here? Why not watch Grace’s 2014 Much Office Session below.

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