Alessia Cara, Charli XCX, And More Videos You Have To See This Week


“After The After Party,” Charli XCX feat. Lil Yachty

Charli XCX throws the prettiest horror party we’ve even seen in her sing-songy pop track “After The After Party.” Bubble gum wounds, teen zombies in pink, and a foam party all complete the look of this scary music video that is actually really inviting. Everything is just more soothing in pink. Like Pepto Bismal.

“Better Man,” Little Big Town

We don’t typically cover country music on Much, but when a country song is penned by Taylor Swift, it means a new track with subject matter we can speculate about. Calvin? Tom? Drake? Just kidding. Kinda.

“How Far I’ll Go,” Alessia Cara

Every few years a new artist appears that promotes positivity, empowerment, and the strength to be comfortable in your own skin. The latest artist to do that is Alessia Cara, so we can’t think of anyone better to perform a new track for the Disney film Moana about a young girl who conquers the ocean. Now a music video featuring a young woman wearing jeans, which she’s more comfortable in, instead of a bikini? Keep conquering the music world, Alessia.

“Dangerously,” Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth lets his dramatic pompadour do most the emoting in his new video, which strips things down to basics and uses a few well-placed graphics to bring the ballad to life. It’s like The Hunger Games meets Alanis Morissette’s “Head Over Feet.” But dang, that kid has quite the range.

“Feels,” Kiiara

The “Gold” singer is back with another dreamy track thanks to all her feelings. We can relate, gurl. Kiiara’s trancey new single debuted its music video this week, which visualizes the overwhelming sensation of being engulfed in feelings. Or feels.

“The Gospel,” Alicia Keys

The incredible Alicia Keys has now shared her short film “The Gospel” on YouTube, which first premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. “The Gospel” is a gritty look at growing up in Keys’ hometown of New York City and police brutality. The emotional and raw black and white film features music from Keys’ sixth studio album Here, which was released today.