Alessia Cara Suits Up To Face Adulthood In ‘Growing Pains’ Video

Alessia Cara has been the talk of the town ever since her debut album Know-It-All was released in 2015. The Canadian musician won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist, released hit collaborations with superstars such as Logic, Khalid, and Zedd, and has even gained over 200 million views on YouTube for “How Far I’ll Go,” a single from the Disney film Moana. Now, the Brampton-born superstar is back with her dystopian video for “Growing Pains,” which is a single set to be featured on her forthcoming sophomore album, The Pains of Growing.

The video begins by Cara lying on a tarp-covered floor in an eerie warehouse space, wearing nothing but an oversized t-shirt. She then makes her way through the warehouse, looking confused and lost as ghostly, suit-wearing adults begin to throw her around to each other in a circle, all while stretching out her submissive body, illustrating what her ‘growing pains’ would feel like. The menacing adults then push her into a wheelchair, where she’s taken to a frigid medical table so that she can be measured and examined for a suit of her very own. By the end of the video, the warehouse becomes flooded with water, and Cara is seen passively floating while wearing a suit of her own. Watch the full video below.

The video was directed by Alan Masferrer, and aims to imitate the daunting journey of growing up through Cara’s choreography. In an interview with Exclaim! the Scars to Your Beautiful singer states that the song is about “going through the motions every day and wanting to be happy and find happy moments, but ultimately going to bed at night and just feeling really down for no particular reason or not being able to pinpoint the reason.” She said, “For me, the only way I could pinpoint those reasons is by calling them ‘Growing Pains.'”

To amplify the excitement of her resurgence, the 21-year-old singer also appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday nightwhere she also suited up to make her TV debut performance of the single, crooning the hazy, rhythmic lyrics of the vulnerable anthem.