Alessia Cara And Zedd Have A Chance Encounter In ‘Stay’ Video

Back in February, the worlds of pop, R&B and EDM collided when artists Zedd and Alessia Cara teamed up in the studio to create their very first earworm together. Dropping the single “Stay,” the pair of solo artists quickly found themselves together on the charts, crafting a song we haven’t stopped listening to since its debut.

EDM mastermind Zedd created a backbeat that features dancehall influences along with electro lifts and falls, sparingly using a vocal synthesizer on Cara’s vocals. As for Cara, her earnest voice is a perfect fit for the emotional lyrics, with the Canadian singing, “All you have to do is stay a minute/Just take your time/The clock is ticking, so stay.”

Now the pair have dropped a cinematic music video for the catchy track, showing the ups and downs of ‘staying.’

Using a Sliding Doors concept, the video darts back and forth between two scenarios. The first, showing Zedd not making it to the elevator on time in the hotel he and Cara are staying, showing what would happen if the two never met. In the second scenario, Cara holds the door open for Zedd, giving the pair the chance to fall in love, but is this the best outcome?

Zedd has previously enjoyed huge success on the charts with female vocalists, including “Stay The Night” with Haley Williams, “Starving” with Hailee Steinfeld, “Break Free” with Ariana Grande and “I Want You To Know” with former girlfriend Selena Gomez.

As for Cara, she’s been dipping her toes in the duet world, appearing on JoJo’s 2016 album Mad Love and remixing Troye Sivan’s “Wild.”

Zedd and Cara have been releasing behind the scenes photos from the shoot in the days leading up to today’s video debut, which could double as movie posters, giving off a Drive vibe. We would totally see the full-length version of the film Stay if the two musicians decided to give acting a try. Plus, the film would have an amazing soundtrack.


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