Alicia Keys Unveils Birthday Surprise With New Song and Video


Alicia Keys surprised us all on Wednesday when she released a new song and an accompanying video online.

The song, titled “That’s What’s Up,” heavily samples Kanye West’s song “Low Lights” off his 2016 smash album The Life of Pablo.

Keys dropped the song and video on her 35th birthday, appropriately deeming “That’s What’s Up” a “birthday song” when she posted the music video to her Facebook page.

Both “That’s What’s Up” and “Low Lights” start off with a Bible-inspired verse, and Keys maintains the inspirational, spiritual tone throughout the song, crooning, “I’m so blessed, I’m so blessed/Stow your blessings upon me/And it feels so good, it feels so good/So good to be free.”

The “That’s What’s Up” video also feels somewhat spiritual and otherworldly, as Keys is depicted serenely moving through what looks to be a hotel room and calmly easing herself into a bathtub with a glass of wine. The video is very grainy and home video-esque, an aesthetic that is reflected in the song itself (which transforms the original “Low Lights” into a rawer-sounding, reverb-heavy tune).

Keys released her most recent studio album Here last May, but perhaps “That’s What’s Up” is a sign of more music to come.