All Of Solange’s Looks From ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ And ‘Cranes In The Sky’

Solange released her acclaimed album A Seat At The Table on Friday, and has since followed it up with a stunning photo book and two beautiful music videos.  The incredibly choreographed videos for “Don’t Touch My Hair” and “Cranes In The Sky” were co-directed by Solange and her husband Alan Ferguson and are full of incredible landscapes and, best of all, amazing shots of Ms. Knowles.

Solange described her new album as one of “healing” and self-empowerment—with the calm, soft depictions seen in the videos following suit. In the less than ten minutes of the two videos combined, Solange rocks dozens of styles—from flowy, white dresses to shimmering metallics, bold colours and neutrals.

Below, we catalogue all of Solange’s stunning looks.

“Don’t Touch My Hair”

‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ is the more upbeat of the two songs, and is a defiant message to anyone who has ever asked to touch a black person’s hair. More generally, it’s a message to any non-black person who might try to dictate a black person’s relationship with their own identity. The video is cut with footage of Solange and Sampha (the rapper featured on the track) dancing excitedly while singing, “What you say to me?” in response to anyone who might say that black hair isn’t beautiful.

1. Beaded Braids
Solange makes a splash (without ever getting wet) at the pool.

2. All Tied Up
Her shoelaces are tied over her pants. YES.

3. Modern Renaissance
Tell us this doesn’t look like it belongs on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.


4. Bow Down
Speaking of chapels—she straight-up looks like a goddess here.


5. Royal Blue
With their hair done up, this look echoes the lyric “Don’t touch my crown.”


6. The Hottest Way To Wear A Coat
The jacket is similar to this coat from ACNE Studios, which will keep you warm for a cold, cold $1,500.

7. Squad Goals
Solange and her crew are killing it in matching custom-made outfits from PHLEMUNS by James Flemons, whose designs have been worn by Solange many times, as well as other celebrities like Zac Efron, Rita Ora and Wiz Khalifa.


8. Orange You Glad She Wore Thigh-High Boots?
Bet you’re not glad I made that joke. But listen, the heels are different colours and we are so happy right now.


9. Nuit Blanche
Solange and dozens of backup dancers end off the video and the evening by dressing in matching flowy white outfits and dancing together.


“Cranes In The Sky”

“Cranes In The Sky” is a more somber song, describing Solange’s attempts to deal with painful emotions. It features Solange against stark backgrounds, and no less than 22 different outfits.

1. Cotton Candy Clouds
This honestly looks like the softest thing that has ever existed.


2. Heavy Lifting
More pink. Clear bag full of… blocks maybe? Plastic-y looking dress that matches her eye makeup. Fantastic.


3. Desert Dreams
This place might be lacking in precipitation but it’s not lacking in ~looks~.


4. Pink Forever
Her asymmetrical dress matches the sunset colours behind her, because she is truly divine.


5. Nude
After giving us several pink looks, Solange switches to a light brown dress with minimal-to-no makeup or accessories.


6. Between Two Ferns
Look at how good Solange looks in just a white two-piece. YES, queen.


7. Green With Envy
…that Solange and her beautiful sidekick can still look this good even when wearing what looks like banana leaves.


8. Skip The Knitting Needles
According to Solange’s Instagram, she made this yarn dress herself. Not at all surprised that she’s a DIY genius.


9. Pop Of Purple
Solange and co. slaying us all in sack dresses, and punching up the neutral colours with bold eyeshadow.


10. Squad Goals 2.0
There’s very little to say about this look except that we love this bare display of friendship, love and solidarity.


11. Have We Said Squad Goals Yet?
This kind of looks like those Sundays you spend lounging around the house with your friends, but about a thousand times more glamorous.


12. S Q U A D G O A LS
This dress was inspired by an iconic 1999 Issey Miyake piece, and was put together with the help of Solange’s mother Tina Knowles and stylist Tim White.


13. Knot In My House
This purple dress with cutouts looks like it’s held together by the knots on the left, and only Solange can pull that off.


14. Neutrals For Days
Where can we cop these neutral one-shoulder bodysuits though?


15 and 16. Heavy Metal
These metallic designs are by Anthony McDowell, an indie fashion designer based out of New York City.



17, 18, 19, and 20. Solange, Please Zoom In Next Time
In these next four outfits, Solange is too far away for us to gauge the specifics of her looks, but we still assume she’s killing it.





21. Glittering in Gold
This look is literally just Solange sitting cliff-side covered in gold body-paint, and it might be our favourite one so far.


22. Nope, This One Is
The last new look in this video is a dress made of gold tinsel, also created by Tina Knowles and Tim White. How can we commission Solange’s mom to make us dresses?


All hail Solange, queen of music videos. Let’s hope we get to see more videos for A Seat At The Table, but if we don’t, we’ll always have gold body paint in the desert.