All The Celebs Who Will Be Watching ‘Not Safe With Nikki Glaser’ Tonight

Nikki and Amy

When Not Safe With Nikki Glaser premieres tonight on Much at 10:30E/7:30P, you can be sure there will be some very famous faces tuning in to check out the new series from comedian Nikki Glaser.

From her co-stars to her longtime funny friends, here’s who we bet will be getting their couch potato-on at 10:30E/7:30P on Much.

Watch the series premiere of Not Safe With Nikki Glaser tonight at 10:30E/7:30P on Much.

Amy Schumer

Comedian Amy Schumer will definitely be tuning in to tonight’s series premiere of Not Safe with Nikki Glaser. The two friends go way back, both starting out as road comedians together and making it to the finals on Last Comic Standing. The friends have also appeared together on one another’s shows, including Inside Amy Schumer and Nikki and Sara Live, and Glaser also had a role in Schumer’s 2015 hit film Trainwreck.

Kevin Nealon

Glaser and Nealon both appeared on a brand-new episode of @Midnight this week and it wasn’t a coincidence. Nealon appears on tonight’s series premiere of Not Safe with Nikki Glaser and we’re hoping it won’t be the last we see of the funnyman on the show.

Tonight I'll be on @midnight w/@hardwick competing w/@NikkiGlaser & @jimjefferies. See who will win the internet.

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The Cast Of Workaholics

Workaholics star Adam Devine snagged Glaser for one of his episodes of Adam Devine’s House Party and comedian Jillian Bell has recently struck out on her own with her series Idiotsitter, which airs Thursdays at 10:30E/7:30P right after Workaholics at 10E/7P. Ladies supporting ladies.

Serious fun.

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TJ Miller

Silicon Valley star TJ Miller and Glaser go way back, spending years performing standup on the road together. The two even spent a night in jail together as a result of marijuana charges that were quickly dropped. Now that is one serious bonding experience.

Zanies Nashville last night with @teenagemillionaire. What a good, hilarious friend.

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Aziz Ansari

Glaser toured with Parks and Rec alum Aziz Ansari this past year on the Oddball Tour and the two share a mutual friend in Amy Schumer. With the recent release of his book Modern Romance, we would love to see Ansari appear on Not Safe with Nikki Glaser and share his thoughts on sex and dating.

Amy killed it. #snl

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Chris Hardwick

Few people have heard the word ‘Points!’ yelled at them more times than Nikki Glaser. The comedian comes in at number three in terms of appearances on @Midnight with a whopping 17 appearances and seven wins. @Midnight host and fellow comedian Chris Hardwick will most likely be tuning in to see one of his favorite game show players on tonight series premiere of Not Safe with Nikki Glaser.

Tonight! @midnight!

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