All The Mad Max Parodies To Entertain You Before You See It Again

Mad-Max header

It’s no doubt that Mad Max: Fury Road has been one of the biggest films of the year so far. Now that you’ve seen it 3 or 4 times, it’s time to get to what’s really important, the parodies.

From mash-ups with Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt to Mario Kart it seems like everyone’s put their own spin on Fury Road. The results are pee-your-pants funny.

Homemade Trailer from Cinefix

Ever get that feeling after you see an incredible movie that you want to go out and relive it all yourself? Well this group of film makers takes that to another level. Cinefix is a YouTube channel that recreates famous scenes and trailers from movies. While all their videos are pretty hilarious, their version of Fury Road is an easy favourite, mostly because of its… uhh “realism”.

Cartoon Hooligans (Mad Max in 23 seconds)

For those eager to see the movie but don’t have the 2 hours to spare, you are sadly mistaken. But there is a 23 second version out there. This not at all accurate remake reimagines how the movie would be if those whiners who didn’t like how empowered women are in the movie had their say. Give us the actual version any day.

Mane Max: Pony Road (My Little Pony Parody)

Those little ponies sure are cute and also strangely reckless. Out of all the parodies, this is probably the one that sticks out the most. Call us crazy but for some reason My Little Pony wasn’t the first thing that came to mind when watching Mad Max.

Furiosa Cover Girl Ad

Sure Imperator Furiosa is an intensely awesome, bad-ass female who rocks the ultimate smoky eye. Okay… we kid. But now, thanks to comedian/model Whitney Rice we know how Furiosa would react to make-up, and it’s probably exactly what you expected. Have we mentioned how much we love Furiosa?

Unbreakable Imperator Furiosa

Speaking of Furiosa, who wouldn’t love to see her star in her own television series?! Thank the Gods for YouTube because we now have sneak peek of what that would look like. Females are strong as hell. We still love you Kimmy Schmidt, don’t worry.

Mario Kart: Fury Road

Mad Max is a pretty intense film. It’s got guns, explosions and a massive tornado. Then again, Mario Kart has a Chomp Chomp. But thanks to the internet being awesome, a YouTube user created a wicked mash-up of the best of both worlds for your viewing pleasure. Needless to say you can expect some pretty gnarly driving.