All The Things That Won’t Make Sense Without An iPhone Jack


Apple made their annual September announcement this week and it included some cool new iPhone features for the 7th generation (water resistant and Pokémon Go ftw) and some not-so-cool features. Namely, a lack of an iPhone jack.

This means that buyers will now be forced to used cordless earbuds and with Apple often considered the leader in industry standard, it won’t be long before other phones follow suit.

Pretty soon, we’ll all be forced to use cordless earbuds, meaning walking down the street will now become even more of a game of ‘Are they/Aren’t they listening to music or just ignoring me?’


Of course, this isn’t the only issue to arise from cordless earbuds and an iPhone with no headphone jack. Future generations growing up with cordless headphones and earbuds will never understand the pain and pleasure of those plastic cords.

Here are just a few things that won’t make sense with tiny, cordless earbuds.

Holding a device when your cord is short.


Dealing with ‘headphone hair.’


Werking ‘headphone hair.’


Enjoying the security blanket feeling of being tethered to your preferred media device.


No one questioning your one-person dance party because they can see your headphones.


Finding out who your real friends are…and aren’t.


Putting on your headphones in an effort to make a nonverbal statement.


Dealing with daily struggles that keep you humble.


Understanding this song.

And this song.

And this song.

We’re not ready to say goodbye.