All The Times Iggy & Britney Epitomized Our #FriendshipGoals In Their New Video


Wed, May, 13 by (19)

Sound the alarm! The video for “Pretty Girls” is here! Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea’s contribution to the song of the summer debate gets a bit of a bump with an homage to “Earth Girls Are Easy”. It is a campy, colourful confection. Plus, there is an acting interlude that is both oh so cringey and kind of (?) endearing.

One thing that they are really trying to drive home in the video is that these girls are pals. The video ends with a cute little outtake of the girls breaking up while dancing in the jeep. As far as this friendship goes, consider us convinced!

Check out all the times Iggy & Britney epitomized our #FriendshipGoals in “Pretty Girls”.

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