All The Times Taylor Swift And Ellen DeGeneres Gave Us #SquadGoals

Ellen and Taylor Main

A lot has been made in the press lately about Taylor Swift’s new posse of famous female friends. From her Bad Blood video to her A-list Instagram pics, Swift appears to be constantly surrounded by female friends.

Before there was Gigi and Karlie and Serayah, though, there was one name: Ellen.

Yes, it’s true. Ellen DeGeneres was the first member of Swift’s squad, which for a while was a squad of one.

Swift and DeGeneres have been pals for a long time, mostly because Ellen is the kind of friend who loves to pick on those she loves and Swift is way, way, way too trusting.

There’s the time Ellen scared Taylor with a spider.

1 scary spider

And then when she scared her with a bunny.

2 scary bunny

There was also the scary cowboy.

3 scary cowboy

The scary cymbals.

4 scary cymbals

The scary Ellen.

5 scary ellen 2

And worst/best of all, the scary trip to the bathroom.

6 scary ellen

But through all of the traumatizing, Ellen has always been Taylor’s number one fan.

7 Taylor's with me

They can talk about cats.

8 cat lady

And what it’s like to be single.

9 law and order

Ellen pushes Taylor outside of her dancing comfort box.

10 taylor and zac

And she gives great dating advice.

11 dating advice


Ellen Degeneres, the pop princess.

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