All The Unbelievable Moments From The Bieber Roast: A Gif-cap


Tue, March, 31 by

The Roast of Justin Bieber went down last night and it definitely needs to be seen to be believed. After the taping when people said that the roasters didn’t hold back, they were not kidding. Lets just say there were jokes about 9/11, Nazis and slavery and that was just in Jeff Ross’ set.

Bieber took it all in stride and with a lot of enthusiastic laughs. And, as we had all hoped, Martha Stewart KILLED IT. There is something about that woman talking about porn in the same tone of voice that she talks about ironing that is so hilarious. As for Bieber, he was so freakin’ hilarious. Who would have guessed?

Check out The Roast of Justin Bieber, recapped in the best way possible, in GIFs.

We Are Saving This As A “Kevin Hart Level Of Excited” Reaction Gif

Or This One

Kendall Jenner, Lover Of Jokes About Martha Stewart Using Racial Slurs

Scooter Braun, Not Excited To Be Roasted

We Could Watch This Gif of Kevin Hart and Shaq All Damn Day

Justin Bieber Does Not Know Who Sharon Stone Is, Even If He Does Dress Like Her

The Perfect Gif For When Someone Calls You A Human Going Out Of Business Sale

Snoop Being Snoop

Playa In The Boardroom and Freak In The Bedroom Martha Gets A Standing Ovation

Jaden Smith Is Supes Excited For Ron Burgundy

Bieber, Watch Out For Ron Burgundy’s Flying Cigs

Reunited And It Feels So Good, Just Not For The Monkey

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