All The Ways Bill Nye Is Mastering The Art Of The Cool Comeback

Bill Nye

Let’s just take a moment to remember elementary school. The obnoxiously bright backpacks, daily goldfish crackers and the joy of a class speant watching an educational VHS. Especially when it involved Bill Nye the Science Guy.

But wait, what if we told you those days aren’t over? Well… except those backpacks they need to stay gone. It seems that Bill Nye has actually been making quite the splash in the world of pop culture lately. Webisodes, selfies, emojis, you name it. This man is on top of it and he’s adding his own educational twist. Oh Bill, what CAN’T you do?!

Check out all the ways Bill Nye has been catching our attention lately.

He Made A Deflategate Parody for FunnyOrDie

We all remember the whole Tom Brady “deflategate” incident right? Well if not, Bill Nye will not only break it down for you but also prove what really happened! Through science! But, it is worth noting that Bill is a Seattle Seahawk’s fan.

He Killed It On Late Night With Seth Myers

Seth Myers is awesome sauce on a regular basis but throw Bill Nye into the equation and life is just that much better. Especially when they chat about space travel, Neil deGrasse Tyson and taking a selfie with Obama!

He Is A Fan of the Selfie

May we present said selfie. Anyone can take a selfie, but when Bill Nye does, it’s with the President of the United States. Boom, drop the mic.

What an honor. And we even pulled off "The Presidential Selfie" (!!)

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He Did a Hilarious Bit on Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

Everyone’s favourite comedic Brit invited Bill Nye onto his show last year along with 96 other scientists. They were apparently on the show to debate the idea of climate change but it wasn’t exactly a typical discussion. Keep an eye out for another expression of selfie love.

His Friendship With Jack Antonoff Makes Us Jealie

Bleachers have pretty much been at the top of everyone’s musical radars this year. So to celebrate, why not take the lead singer and throw him in a room with Bill Nye and see what happens? Although at first the pair may seem a little random, after watching these two it’s safe to say they definitely have some chemistry. Yes. Chemistry.

He Played DJ for The Mowglis

If at this point you are still doubting Bill Nye’s coolness factor, we are pretty sure we have what will push you over the edge. The Mowgli’s not only wanted Bill in their music video but they had him DJ it! Yea okay, so the video was technically never released but still, Bill Nye was a DJ. Can we start a petition to get this released?

He Uses Emojis to Explain Science

Kids these days, with their texting and their internet. They’re always glued to their phones! If only there was a way to get through to them about science. Oh wait, there is. Turns out all it took was Bill Nye using emojis! This guy just gets it.

He Teaches Chris Hardwick How to Tie a Bow-tie (kind of)

If there’s one thing Bill Nye is known for it is rocking and tying a good bow-tie. If you ever wanted to see that skill on display while watching the host of @midnight struggle immensely, then this video is for you.

He Guest Starred on Inside Amy Schumer

Alright guys, this is it. There is officially nothing better than watching Amy Schumer and Bill Nye team up and talk about the how the universe talks to young women. The internet is now over. We can all go home.

BONUS: He May Have a Bow-tie Line Coming Out

We told you this man is serious about his bow ties.

Monday mornings are for making the @billnye bow tie line a reality, or something…

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