All The Ways Leonardo DiCaprio Prepped Us For Life’s Heartbreaks In The Basketball Diaries


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On this day 20-years-ago one of the most distressing movies of the 90’s came out, The Basketball Diaries. At least two of our team members have distinct memories of this movie forcing them to grow up way too fast. The movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio, in one of his earliest roles, as Jim Carroll, a high school basketball star who becomes addicted to heroine after one of his best friends dies on cancer. Yeah… Pitch Perfect this ain’t.

This is a staple in the Leonardo canon but it isn’t the most…um…”fun” of his movies. But which ones are? Catch Me If You Can? Critters 3?

To celebrate it’s 20th birthday, we have compiled all the things that The Basketball Diaries taught us while stealing our innocence and preparing us for the cruel heartbreaks of the world.

Even If Guys In Groups In The Rain May Look Like The Backstreet Boys, They Are Probably Dangerous

Don’t Fall For The Star Basketball Player, He Is Likely Messed Up

You Will Only Ever Run Through A Meadow In a Trippy Dream Sequence

Doing Something Impressive Once Doesn’t Count. You Have To Do It At Least Twice

Never Trust A Man Who Looks Like Mark Wahlberg

Never Trust Mark Wahlberg Specifically


Your Children Will Only Disappoint You And Make You Cry

But Despite All Of That, There Is Love Out There For Everyone

NAH! Just Kidding! Life Is Meaningless!

RIP Jack Dawson