It Might Be Time To Change The Name Of The American Music Awards


The nominations for the 2016 American Music Awards were announced this week and two big things stood out.

First, Drake beat Michael Jackson’s 32 year record for most nominations, a feat Jackson achieved with 11 nominations back in 1984 thanks to a little album called Thriller.

Now, Drake has surpassed the King of Pop, earning an incredible 13 nominations this year, making him the current record holder. Drake wasn’t the only artist to put up some big nomination numbers, with Rihanna earning seven nominations and Adele and Justin Bieber tied for five nominations each.

This year’s American Music Awards list of the top four nominated artists brings us to our second point – none of these people are American.

Two Canadians, a Brit and a Barbados native aren’t the only artists taking over the US. Toronto’s own The Weeknd scored three nominations, while fellow Canadians Alessia Cara and Shawn Mendes will go head to head against Brit Zayn Malik for Best New Artist.

We know the annual awards show, which is scheduled to be broadcast live from the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles on November 20 at 8 p.m. ET, focuses on the most popular music in America, not necessarily the most popular American musician. Still, it may be time to update that title.