American Ultra’s Jesse Eisenberg And Kristen Stewart Talk Friendship, Chemistry And Weed


Fri, August, 21 by


American Ultra marks another on-screen collab between real-life pals, Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart. The two, who starred in Adventureland together back in 2009, return in this action-packed stoner flick where they play a couple high on love (and other substances) when Eisenberg’s character is revealed to be a top-secret spy, something he himself didn’t know.

So how does it feel to be reunited in a new film? “It’s great,” Eisenberg tells our very own Liz Trinnear. “We have the same tastes and sensibilities and then this movie was, like, a perfect opportunity for us to be able to be funny but in this unusual context of this very creative high-stakes kind of movie.”

Liz also chats with Eisenberg and Stewart about their on-screen chemistry with each other and with other actors they’re not as close with and Eisenberg describes how he prepared for a role that required him to be both super active as an action hero but also super lazy as a complete stoner. (Spoiler alert: one way of preparing took very little work and a pipe or sorts. You know what we’re talking about.)

Watch the full interview below and catch American Ultra in theatres now!