Don’t Make Sexist Jokes About Amy Schumer–She Will Publicly Shame You


After her big win at the Critics’ Choice Awards for Best Actress in a Comedy, a 17-year-old teen film critic thought it would be a good idea to make a gross sexist joke about meeting her.

Lights Camera Jackson, tweeted a photo of him beside Schumer, joking that he had “spent the night” with her and how it was unlikely that he was the “first guy to write that”. The tweet has since been deleted.

schumer clap back

Schumer, who is no stranger to the dialogue against slut shaming and sexism, clapped back yesterday, with, “I get it. Cause I’m a whore?”

Jackson apologized right away, saying that he thought she would appreciate the joke.

Instead of escalating the argument, Schumer gracefully accepted his apology.

Hopefully, Schumer’s clapback will ward off any future misogynistic and sexist jokes being sent her way. Citizens of the Twitterverse, you’ve been warned.

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