Amy Winehouse’s 5 Best Performances


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Amy, the highly-anticipated documentary about the life of British songstress Amy Winehouse, comes out in limited theatres across Canada tomorrow. While the tragic death of Winehouse in 2011 still makes us tear up, we’re excited to see a movie celebrate her life and her many achievements.

To prepare for all of the tears we will inevitably shed watching Amy, we decided to comb through the archives and find five of Amy Winehouse’s best live performances ever.

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1. 2008, BRIT Awards
Teaming up with collaborator Mark Ronson, Amy Winehouse performed her song Valerie, a bright and vibrant number that allowed Winehouse to show off her more playful side.

2. 2007, New York City
Part of Winehouse’s appeal has always been her super soulful voice, one that can convey sorrow and all sorts of other emotions like no other. Her talents were clearly highlighted on her own music, but she also did some phenomenal covers including her mind-blowing take on Lauryn Hill’s smash hit Doo-Wop (That Thing). Here she is performing that cover in 2007 at a show in New York City.

3. 2007, Late Show With David Letterman
Winehouse got all glammed up for her American TV debut in 2007 when she appeared on the Late Show With David Letterman and her performance of Rehab was as on-point as we ever saw it.

4. 2004, Glastonbury
Long before Back To Black shot her to super-stardom, Winehouse was cutting her teeth with smaller performances throughout the U.K. This particular acoustic performance at Glastonbury stands out, just her and an acoustic guitar really allowing her voice to shine through as she sings her song Stronger Than Me from her critically acclaimed 2003 album, Frank.

5. 2008, Grammys
In 2008, Winehouse was undergoing treatment for her drug addiction so she wasn’t able to fly over for the actual Grammy festivities in Los Angeles, but a deal was worked out where she would perform live from London instead (it was 3 a.m. when she took to the stage). Winehouse performed on a personalized stage, with a full band set up including backup singers and brass section, and the outcome was pure magic, a transcending moment in Winehouse’s career. Hit play below and feel all of the chills.

Bonus: The look on her face when she found out she won the Grammy for Record of the Year is priceless and so incredibly heartwarming. (I am crying real tears as I write this.)