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An ‘All My Movies’ Reaction GIF For Every Occasion


Shia LaBeouf’s strange performance art piece All My Movies wrapped up on Friday, but not without the entire Internet meme-ing and GIFing the accompanying live stream.

LaBeouf invited fans to join him in a theatre and watch all 29 films he’s been in in reverse chronological order. Entrance was free, but at one point, the wait to get into the screening was over six hours.

The entire performance took three full days. Thankfully, reading this post will take you no where near that amount of time. If you weren’t glued to the live stream 24/7, don’t worry—we compiled all the best GIFs right here.

Here’s every Shia LaBeouf All My Movies reaction GIF you would ever need.

When your Monday morning lecture feels like it’s never going to end


When someone says they don’t like Justin Bieber’s new album


When there’s drama going on but you’re not involved so you’re chillin’


When you’re at a family party and your aunt asks you what your plans after university/college are


When you really want to go home but don’t want to be a mood killer so you pretend that you’re not tired


When you’re about to take the winning shot in a game of beer pong but your partner doesn’t think you can nail it


When it’s none of your business…


When you want to watch one more episode but you know you have real-life responsibilities that you’re ignoring


When your crush likes your Instagram photo


When plans you didn’t want to go to anyway get cancelled