Andee Has Big Florence, McCartney & Gaga Collaboration Dreams


Thu, April, 30 by


Since we last caught up with up-and-comer Andee, she has recorded a full album which is ready to break. Her incredible voice and cool style have made her an obvious crossover talent from her Francophone roots to mainstream English pop. Black and White Heart will be available on May 26. We made a date to catch up with her in Barbados and found out what the album’s name means to her.

“I think it shows two sides of me. Like it is talking about the good and the bad side of relationships,” she said. “I put so much heart and time into it and I think it’s going to be really emotional.”

Andee has sung with people from Hedley to Lionel Richie. But we wanted to know who is still on her wishlist.

“I would say Florence Welch, Paul McCartney and I think Lady Gaga. I don’t know she must just be so fun to work with. She is a truly great artist too and a great songwriter,” Andee said.

Check out more from the interview below including how she ended up with a song written by Pink! as her big single.

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