Anderson .Paak And Knxwledge Collab On ‘Get Bigger / Do U Luv’


Anderson .Paak And Knxwledge have combined their musical talents on the new single “Get Bigger/ Do U Luv” off of their upcoming joint album Yes Lawd!, and we’re all about it.

Following last month’s hit single “Lyk Dis“, this is the second track that the rapper/producer duo, who are recording together as NxWorries, have shared off their forthcoming album.

The track, which features .Paak’s soulful verses over a jazzy backbeat by Knxwledge, starts with the “Get Bigger” portion, in which .Paak raps about leaving the house at age 17 after his dad was locked up for attacking his mother. He raps about wanting something bigger than just working a minimum wage job. “You and me have to get bigger/ I’m jumping the wall, raising the ball/ Taking no bullshit,” he rhymes in the hook.

And he has been getting bigger.

.Paak performed his hit song “Come Down” off of his album Malibu on Ellen yesterday.

The last eight short lines of the new track make up “Do U Luv”, where .Paak questions the meaning of love. “Is it love?/ Is it good to you,” he sings.

Stream “Get Bigger / Do U Luv” below, and watch out for Yes Lawd! on October 21.