Is Andre 3000 Recording New Music?

andre 3000

Andre 3000 of the iconic hip hop duo Outkast is making his television debut tonight in the anthology drama American Crime, but the question we’re all asking is, will he be releasing new music?

In an interview with Billboard magazine, Andre said working on TV and film projects has him “fiending to do music.”

He also hinted at projects in the works saying that he’s always recording: “I can’t say that I have a target right now. I’ve gotten in trouble before for saying when or what is coming, so I like to just kind of let it be. I’d like to put out some kind of music project, but we’ll see.”

His latest musical release was a duet with Erykah Badu on her mixtape But You Caint Use My Phone. He was inspired by The Isley Brother’s cover of Todd Rundgren’s Hello, It’s Me.

Listen to the track below and read the full interview here.