Andy Daly Has A Bunch Of Characters Because He’s Terrified Of Being Himself


Thu, August, 27 by


When Andy Daly isn’t busy reviewing life on his hit TV show Review, he’s busy playing a bunch of strange characters on the equally funny show, Comedy Bang! Bang! Daly sat down with Conan recently to talk about his many different personas, adding: “I’m terrified to be myself.” Aren’t we all, Andy.

Daly goes on to describe two of his most popular characters, a stand-up comedian named Jerry O’Hearn and Comedy Bang! Bang! fave, Don DiMello. Jerry O’Hearn talks a lot of nonsense, in fact that’s his entire bit, while Don DiMello is just a creepy old man. Watch the video below to see Daly’s thought process behind creating these two beloved characters!

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