Andy Grammer Is Not Afraid Of Writing A Cheesy Love Song


Wed, July, 15 by


Andy Grammer scored a big hit last year with the super catchy tune, Honey, I’m Good. The song, which continues to get bigger in 2015, is an upbeat song about passing up on other people because you’re already in love with someone special. Love songs can be cheesy at times, but Grammer really sees the value in penning a good love song.

“I think that anytime you want to sing about something that is good for you or positive, it gets super cheesy fast,” Grammer says, in a recent interview with Much. “It’s really hard to get that across the finish line and not be cheesy even though we all go through that; especially anybody who’s in a relationship, there’s something kind of noble and really great about being with someone, committed for a really long time.”

Of course Grammer’s wife, fellow songwriter Aijia Lise, loved the song as soon as she heard it (though admittedly, she was a little skeptical about the song’s content).

When time came for the music video, the one that has raked in over 25 million views, Grammer first enlisted close friends and family (who were in relationships) to submit lip-synced videos, but the idea soon spread to his fans via social media. The end result? One of the most popular and heartwarming music videos in recent months.

Watch our full interview with Grammer below!