Anna Lunoe On Returning To Australia To Tour: “There’s A Whole New Generation Of Kids”


Fri, September, 4 by


DJ Anna Lunoe has spent the better part of the last three years in America, but when it came time return to her home country for a tour, she was welcomed back with open arms and lots of enthusiasm.

“It was really cool to go back and play all the old clubs that I used to play,” Lunoe tells us at this year’s Digital Dreams festival. “There’s a whole new generation of kids, I’ve been in America for three years and in that time there’s a whole changeover of kids.”

While Lunoe may be constantly on the road, throwing hyped-up dance parties for fans, she has also been working hard on her music and refining her sound. “I really released a lot of different music,” she says of the hectic year she’s had so far. “And I sort of worked out what sound resonates with the American audience and what sound I really love to play […] I’m really honing it on it, refining it and making it mine.”

Watch the full interview below!