Ansel Elgort’s New Video For ‘Thief’ Is A Neon Experience

ICYMI, Ansel Elgort does more than just act in major young-adult book adaptations (The Fault In Our Stars, Divergent). The talented 22 year-old is also an accomplished DJ, producer and songwriter. Could he be adding “international pop star” to the list? Maybe.

With the release of the video for his new single “Thief” and its 80s/American Psycho vibes, a darker, more individual side of the singer is revealed.

Elgort spoke to Rolling Stone about the musical influences for the new track, which included Drive’s memorable soundtrack and the cues it took from 80s new wave and synthpop. He also mentioned the inspiration he garnered from classic pop stars for the video’s direction, saying, “musicians used to play characters all the time: Bowie, MJ, Freddie Mercury. I’m inspired by those guys [rather than] the modern pop star.”

This video may have one too many black turtlenecks and forlorn glances into a mirror to be taken overly seriously, but the track’s catchiness makes it hard to complain when the video gets too campy.

The dark and sexy video does feature plenty of shirtless Elgort, and things get pretty steamy with his onscreen love interest (and real life girlfriend) ballerina Violetta Komyshan.

This is only the second track released under Elgort’s own name (his previous music endeavours were under the moniker DJ Ansolo), a name change that might indicate a shift to a more radio-friendly pop sound.

With three movies scheduled to be released this year alongside this brand new single, it seems like 2017 could see a big rise in Ansel Elgort.