Listen To Arcade Fire’s Timely New Track ‘I Give You Power’ (Feat. Mavis Staples)


With the beginning of a new year comes a sea of album announcements and predictions to keep us buzzing about the year ahead. Some of the standout rumblings have centered around word that acclaimed indie rock collective Arcade Fire have finished recording their fourth album, and after today, we’re one step closer to that being true.

This afternoon, the Montreal-based band released the growling electro rock single, “I Give You Power,” featuring legendary soul vocalist Mavis Staples. The song is the band’s first new recording since 2013’s Reflektor, and appears to be the latest pointed political statement from the arts community, with its timely delivery the day before U.S. president-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The single is a joint vocal effort between the chorus of Arcade Fire members and Staples, who together powerfully chant, “I give you power over me / I can take it away / Watch me.” The song was first heard when the band (minus Staples) teased it in a Paris park performance last summer, and proceeds a long history of socially conscious music and civil activism from both the band and Staples.

While the single is a TIDAL exclusive, you can stream it below.