Archer Teaches Conan How To Use A Gun (Sort Of)


Wed, January, 21 by

Conan had a very special guest on his show last night who may also serve as the first animated guest on his show, Sterling Archer! The Archer star never made it to Conan’s couch, though, and instead invited the talk show host outside and into his car as he got chased by Russian mobsters, definitely more interesting than a boring couch interview!

During this short car ride, Archer gives Conan a gun because he was too busy driving and using Tinder. Unfortunately, for Archer though, Conan has never used a gun before and has trouble finding the right end of the gun. Archer also gives Conan a grenade to eliminate the mobsters chasing them, but again, he has no clue how to use it. Sigh.

Somehow, Conan eventually makes it back to the studio, but this segment has a bit of a tragic ending… Take a look below to see what happens!

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