Are Jelena Back On?


No, they’re not.

But, does Justin Bieber WANT to be back on with his ex-bae Selena Gomez? Maybe.

JB posted a photo of him and Selena on an ATV together, cryptically with no caption. After the Internet went crazy wondering if the former it couple were back together, Justin updated the photo adding, “Just a throwback calm down”.

Just a throwback calm down

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But realistically, who posts throwbacks of their exes?

In recent interviews, Justin has been pretty open about speaking about their troubled relationship that ended in 2014. Selena on the other hand, told media she that she didn’t want to talk about it anymore. To post an photo of them together after Selena said she never intended for her life to “become a tabloid story”, kind of seems like a thirst trap on Bieber’s part.

But if you are Team Jelena, you’ll be happy to know you’re rooting for the same team as Drizzy. After Drake saw the throwback photo, he commented “Damn thought this was a Jelena current day flick” with a sad emoji and Canadian flag emoji. How patriotic of him.