Ariana Grande Sends A Mixed Message With ‘Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored’ Video

Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored, Ariana Grande, Charles Melton

Ariana Grande is having a week. The singer started the week in the headlines after the Grammy committee announced Grande would not be performing or appearing at Sunday’s award show because of demands she made on producers. Grande hit back at the claims on Thursday, saying that producers were publicly lying about her and that she was not performing because the show wanted to stifle her artistry. Do not come for Ariana.

Now the singer is once again trending, thanks to the release of her fifth studio album Thank U, Next. The album arrived just months after Grande released Sweetener in August 2018. The new album includes the huge title track, which featured the instantly iconic music video that was an ode to rom coms.

In addition to the album release at midnight, Grande also dropped the third video from Thank U, Next, this time for the controversial “Break up with Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored.”

The new video stars Riverdale actor Charles Melton, who is having a pretty great week after the release of the trailer for his first starring film, The Sun Is Also A Star. In the video, Melton is dating a woman who looks just like Ari, high ponytail and all. The trio hang out together at a club and later at a house party, where it appears that Grande is after Melton.

Grande starts off the video as a blonde, but then changes her hair to match Melton’s girlfriend, seemingly as a way to steal Melton away from her doppelganger. But the video closes with a twist, and it appears that Grande is actually after the girlfriend and not Melton.

The video is getting mixed reviews on social media, with fans not exactly clear on what Grande’s messages is with “Break up with Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored.” Some feel as though Grande is supporting her LGBTQ fan base and playing a character who is bisexual, but that comes with concerns that the video is queer baiting.

The theory that we think has the most weight is that Grande is sticking with her “Thank U, Next” vibes and is not actually morphing into Melton’s girlfriend or stealing the woman, but becoming the best version of Ariana and leaving her boyfriend to fall in love with herself.

Then there’s the possible unaccredited NSYNC sample, which feels a bit troublesome after there was so much controversy surrounding her last single “7 Rings.”

One thing that people can seem to agree on is that her stunning track “Ghostin” is about Pete Davidson and Mac Miller. Also, it wrecked us.