Ariana Grande Drops New Single ‘Dangerous Woman’


Pop star Ariana Grande released her latest sultry single Dangerous Woman off her upcoming album.

The song definitely shows a more mature, grown-up side of the singer, with lyrics all about temptation.

She sings, “Something ’bout you / Makes me feel like a dangerous woman,” in the chorus. Later she confesses, “‘Cause I’m a taker, ’cause I’m a giver / It’s only nature / I live for danger.”

Dangerous Woman is already number one on iTunes and Ariana could hardly contain her excitement this morning.

This will be the 22-year-old’s third album. Originally, it was titled Moonlight, but the singer revealed last month on Snapchat she pulled a Kanye changed the title. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Ariana revealed it was due to the tracks taking her in a new direction.

“As we’re wrapping things up, of course I’ve been writing and singing. We’re at the final stretch,” she said. “Now there’s this other song that has thrown me for a whirlwind and I love it so much. It’s changed everything.”

Ariana previously released the hit Focus off the upcoming album, which peaked at number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 last year. The singer is also set to host and perform on Saturday Night Live this weekend, and will debut another song off the album, Be Alright.

Dangerous Woman is set to be released May 20.