Watch Ariana Grande, Kevin Hart And More Go Through Haunted Houses (So You Don’t Have To)


It’s Halloween and that means the one day of the year where we have to try to look cool and not be giant scaredy cats. If eating tiny chocolates sounds more appealing than trying to make your way through a haunted houses with dry pants, watching other people go through these haunted houses is the way to go. You ain’t scare of no ghost, you just don’t want to have them jump out at you for $15.

Celebrate Halloween by watching celebs like Ariana Grande, Kevin Hart and Tyler Oakley walk through haunted houses and reinforce you decision to stay in and eat all the candy give out candy instead.

Ariana Grande

Pop singer Ariana Grande showed off her impressive pipes while making her way through a haunted house this October with TV producer Andy Lassner from The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Grande’s petite frame didn’t stop Lassner from using her as a human shield throughout the house, a move we definitely would have copied.

4Yall Entertainment

Much Creators 4Yall Entertainment may have survived Niagara Falls’ infamous Nightmares Factory, but we’re pretty sure they’re not rushing to go again next year. Or, ever again.

Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon

Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon decided that a good way to celebrate Halloween this year would be to do something neither of them wanted to do – visit New York’s scariest haunted house. Comedian Kevin Hart at least had a game plan for their visit. Jump out at him? Boot to the neck.

Anna Kendrick

Actor Anna Kendrick proved that you can have a good experience at a haunted house, you just need to go to one in Los Angeles where everyone is super hot.

Olivia Holt and Logan Paul

Disney actor Olivia Holt and Vine star Logan Paul probably hoped they’d make it through Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights in six seconds, but they were inside for much, much, much longer.

Hannah Hart and Tyler Oakley

YouTubers Hannah Hart and Tyler Oakley were definitely missing the safety of filming videos from the comfort of their own bedroom this year when they visited Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. A cooking tutorial is sounding pretty fun right now.


For scaredy cats who aren’t ready to experience a haunted house IRL, virtual reality will either make things feel less real or way too real. Judging by Much Creator Dan Rodo’s experience, we’re going with ‘too real.’