Everything We’re Going To Miss About Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson’s Relationship

Celebrities are not exempt from big breakups and the latest couple to publicly announce their separation is pop star Ariana Grande and comedian and actor Pete Davidson. After surprising fans with their seemingly quick engagement (the pair began dating in May and were engaged in June), the young celebs have just announced their separation. Frankly, we’re bummed.

At first glance the pair seemed like an odd fit (she only dates musicians, he only dates comedians, plus there’s at least a foot height difference), their very public relationship quickly won us over. They just seemed so…happy.

After what can best be described as a hellish year and a half for Grande, which included the tragic killing of 22 people at her 2017 Manchester concert and most recently the death of ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, it was heartwarming to see the singer find some happiness with Davidson. The pair were each other’s biggest cheerleaders and used their short time together to help normalize taboo subjects, like dating while dealing with mental health issues.

A source close to the couple told People Magazine that the breakup was a mutual decision and the result of poor timing, saying their relationship was “too much, too soon.” Davidson has closed his social media accounts, but Grande’s are still visible and the singer hasn’t deleted pictures of her now ex-fiancé, so we’re hoping for a reconciliation.

Celebrity relationships come and go, but was something about Ariana and Pete finding love together that made us feel hopeful. There’s a lot we really liked about the lovebirds, including being on #tattoowatch, so we’ve decided to deal with our feelings by listing all the things we’re going to miss between Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande. Pray for Piggysmalls.


Their mutual love of Harry Potter.

Grande said that one of the first things that drew her to Davidson back when she hosted SNL in 2016 was his Harry Potter tattoo. The pair posted their first official social media picture while wearing Potter robes, giving us some serious #couplegoals.


Their unwavering support for one another.

Davidson was spotted front row at the MTV VMA to watch Grande perform, while Grande often visited Davidson at SNL to support the comedian. Rather than feeling threatened by the other person’s success, it always appeared as though Grande and Davidson were each other’s biggest fans, sending a positive message to their followers about what it looks like to be in a healthy relationship.


They inspired one another.

Grande’s fourth studio album Sweetener featured a beautiful ode to her ex-fiancé called, what else, “Pete Davidson.” As for Davidson, he worked his new relationship with Grande into the season premiere of SNL, joking about the couple’s relationship and saying that their love is worth all the death threats he’s received since the pair went public. Side note, calm down people.


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Their family ties.

Both close with their families, Grande and Davidson often posted pictures with one another’s family members, with both stars speaking in interviews about how excited their moms were about the new relationship and how much they loved the couple together.


They went public.

We totally get celebrities wanting to keep their private lives private, but there was something so refreshing about Ariana and Pete being open and honest with their relationship. In doing so, they were also able to largely control the narrative about their time together.


Their friends liked them together.

Getting the thumbs up from your new partner’s friends is a big hurdle in any relationship and Pete got a huge endorsement from Ariana’s friend and collaborator Nicki Minaj.


The memes.

These two were meme machines and we thank them for that.

We’re still holding out hope for Grandson.