Ariana Grande Posts Her Most Shocking Video Of The Week

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In the donut lick heard around the world this week, Ariana Grande went from former child start turned pop powerhouse to pop powerhouse turned anti-American embarrassment.

It was a hard lesson for the 22 year-old, who was caught on camera licking a donut and then proclaiming that she hates America and Americans.

Before going any further I just want to make two things very clear. One, licking a donut and not buying it is disgusting and disrespectful and a mean thing to make donut-lovers watch. Two, I am never buying any food that’s not kept behind a display case. Those poor donuts were left out in the open for anyone’s fingers or tongues to touch. Their glazed goodness never stood a chance.

After surveillance video of Grande licking a donut went viral, the singer issued her first apology, which was actually worse than just staying silent. She tried to defend her anti-American comments as a response to the rise in obesity of the US population. Sure, maybe we can believe that, but it’s still a jerk move to lick someone else’s food.


Now Grande has issued a second apology and done what she should have done the first time around – apologize. No excuses, no social commentary, no BS. A straight-up “I’m embarrassed, I messed up, I’m sorry”.

After reading Grande’s first apology and seeing how far she missed the mark it’s an impressive step to see the singer pause, regroup, and do what she should have done in the first place. #Sorryreallysorry.