Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Amazed By His Ability To Fight Himself


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This summer is going to be loaded with blockbuster movies. You will be able to find us almost every Friday night at the movie theatres first in line for the latest release.

On the top of our list is Terminator: Genisys. Lucky for us, and you, we travelled to Los Angeles to have an early chat with the cast including the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnie has seen a lot of changes in the film industry since the The Terminator premièred in 1984.

“In this movie, I’m fighting myself. I’m fighting the Terminator from 1984 so we have to recreate that body, that Terminator, everything about it frame by frame. Just think about it. You would not have been able to do that 30 years ago,” Arnold told us, amazed. “There are things like that that are mind blowing. The things you can do. But it’s tedious work.”

The movie also stars some hot new actors who are mere babies in the film industry compared to Arnold and his impressive resume. Jai Courtney and Jason Clarke admit that there was a lot of pressure on them to get their shots right on the first take.

“I remember that one actually and we were out there. I missed my mark by about six feet,” Jai said. “Jason and I had to run about the length of a football field and no one was happy with me because it was about a three hour reset.”

“It was a big one you know. There was us running with things exploding with fireworks behind us,” Jason recalled. “It was a massive shot. We had to run 3 or 4 hundred meters in the dark with lights to a little chalk mark.”

Check out more from the interview including Arnold’s feelings about being back in as Terminator.

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Watch the latest trailer for Terminator Genisys below. The movie hits theatres on July 1.