5 Artists Who Are (Thankfully) Really Bad At Retiring

Adele, Jay Z

On Tuesday, the Vans Warped Tour announced that this summer will feature five anniversary concerts to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the emo and pop punk tour. Cool, but the news of the anniversary concerts comes only one year after the Warped Tour retired. We’re all for seeing the return of staple artists from the tour’s long history, but it feels like a pretty quick reunion following a retirement.

The Vans Warped Tour isn’t the only music event that doesn’t really ‘get’ retiring. Many solo acts have also announced retirements only to return with new music a few years later. But we’re not complaining. Here are five artists who are thankfully just as bad as the Vans Warped Tour at staying retired.


Justin Bieber

Announced Retirement: In 2013, Bieber made a handful of retirement comments, first when appearing on Los Angeles Power 106 radio station and then in a tweet he sent to his followers on December 24. Thankfully, the Christmas spirit moved him and Bieber decided to instead take some time away from the studio instead of quitting music altogether.

Would Have Missed Out On: In 2015, Justin released his massive fourth studio album Purpose, which included “What Do U Mean,” “Sorry,” and “Love Yourself.” He’s also appeared as a featured artist on songs like Skrillex’s “Where R U Now” and DJ Khaled’s “No Brainer.” Maybe he should have taken a temporary retirement for the latter.



Announced Retirement: Adele has been playing with our emotions for years, with the Grammy-winner notorious for staying quiet about her work between album cycles and even announcing in 2017 she may retire from touring. But following the success of her breakthrough 2011 album 21, Adele almost called it quits for good on the music industry. During the 2016 BBC special Adele: Live in London, Adele told host Graham Norton that the success of her second studio album was almost too much to handle. “I just got really worried that I was never going to make anything that anyone liked again,” said Adele. “It was just like I was being self-critical of myself, it was nothing else other than that. And also I started to wonder maybe with 21 being so successful is it enough for everyone, but I realized that it wasn’t enough for me, so sorry.”

Would Have Missed Out On: Um, hello?



Announced Retirement: Jay-Z went hard on his 2003 retirement, even throwing himself a retirement party at his concert in Madison Square Garden on November 25. The rapper said he would no longer release studio albums, instead focusing on side projects. Unfortunately, one of these side projects was a second (SECOND!) collaborative album with R. Kelly in 2004.

Would Have Missed Out On: Jay-Z released some of his most important work post-retirement, including Watch The Throne with Kanye West, 4:44, and Everything Is Love with wife Beyoncé.


Lily Allen

Announced Retirement: In 2009, British singer Lily Allen told fans on her website that she had not renegotiated her contract with her record label EMI and would be retiring from music. Allen wrote, “The days of me making money from recording music have been and gone as far as I’m concerned, so I don’t (at this point) stand to profit from legislation (against file sharing). Except future purchases of previously recorded material (which won’t be much).”

Would Have Missed Out On: Since coming out of retirement, Allen has released 2014’s Sheezus and 2018’s No Shame. She also recorded the stunning cover of Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know” which legit makes us cry every time we hear it.


Michael Bublé

Announced Retirement: In a 2018 interview with The Daily Mail, Canadian crooner Michael Bublé reportedly said he was no longer going to record music following his young son Noah’s battle with cancer. Thankfully, Bublé’s rep corrected the mistake and in a double dose of greatness, it appears that Bublé’s son is stable.

Would Have Missed Out On: Bublé released his tenth studio album Love at the end of 2018, featuring songs inspired by his family.