Ask The Experts: How Good is 2002 Big Sean?


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Started from the bottom now he’s here. When Big Sean was on New.Music.Live. a while back he told us that he once visited Much on Demand on a school trip and did a rap for a talent show they did on MOD. So we dug it up and it is too adorable. Also, the other guy in this clip is still his best friend. He definitely had a lot to learn but he had the confidence and charisma that would take him the distance. And that is what counts in hip-hop really, isn’t it?

We got some of North America’s coolest hip-hop experts to watch the clip and give us their review of the rap and projections for the future success of the young rapper.

Angel Diaz, Staff Writer Complex Media

That freestyle wasn’t bad for a 14-year-old and much respect for that Rocawear shirt. He kind of looks like Larenz Tate in beginning of Dead Presidents. He definitely had potential back then and he was right about the fame and glory part. Sean had the passion and I would’ve told him to keep trying to perfect his craft. I wonder if a young Aubrey Graham watched this episode and got inspired and if so Big Sean is more important to the Canadian rap scene than we give him credit for (just kidding).

Julia LeConte, Music Editor Now Magazine

Oh, little Big Sean. Your 14-year-old self hasn’t exactly mastered the icy emcee’s poker face, your flow is a little raw, your arm movements are slightly self-conscious, and you need to get those marbles out of your mouth.

Rapping about baked goods, and daggers such as “I’ll blow your butt away like a pile of dust” don’t seem too promising, either.

But you also rhymed “much on demand” with “masterplan” in your opening line, a savvy nod to more than a few classic joints, plus the Masterplan Show – Canada’s longest running hip-hop radio show (you knew that, right, Big Sean?).

And, we can’t deny that you are pretty prophetic. You did end up being a cool typa playa (Naya Rivera AND Ariana Grande?), and it’s easy to see why – the charm is basically oozing out of your dimples.

Overall, the fact that you debuted your freestyles on the not-so-mean streets of Much is telling: the kinda corny but oh-so-adorable result befits a man who – while boasting some legit jams and the biggest co-signs – was destined for mainstream pop-rap.

Del Cowie, Assistant Editor Exclaim!

What advice would I give to 14-year old Big Sean? Well, first of all how about using better adlibs than the city you’re from and your age before you start rhyming your verse. This will help you stand out from the crowd. How about, I don’t know, ‘Oh God!’ or ‘Swerve!’ These are just suggestions.

And why are you wearing a Rocawear sweater? Do you think you’re going to be on a track with Jay-Z or something? You do have a nasally inflected voice that will be an asset to your career, but you should change up your flow patterns a little and diversify your lyrical subject matter (‘More cake than Hostess’?). Follow these steps and maybe you can achieve your dream and be finally famous.

Tyrone “T-rex” Edwards, E!

Well what we have here is a 9th grader from ‘DETROIT’ who really understands a play on words, how to make them flow. His lyrics are a tell tale sign that is very confident. Lil Sean Anderson also boasts a million dollar smile and great stage presence by looking right into the MOD cameras all while working the room.

He’s also dressed the part, rocking a t-shirt from Jay-Z ‘s line ROCAWEAR. Here’s the thing tho if this Lil Sean kid is going to make it he’s gonna have to learn some mic technique. In closing I think the kids got a shot. He’s got the look, sound, and already understands how to get his best friend a job when it’s his time to shine!