Avril Lavigne Reveals She Has Lyme Disease

After months of being away from the spotlight, Avril Lavigne has confirmed to People Magazine that she has been suffering from Lyme Disease.

The Canadian singer began feeling symptoms last October, when a girls weekend in Las Vegas to celebrate Lavigne’s 30th birthday was spent with the singer in bed due to low energy. As her condition worsened, Lavigne said she would be unable to eat for days, sometimes going a week without showering because she was unable to stand.

After finally being diagnosed with Lyme Disease, Lavigne tells People Magazine that she was bedridden for months, with her mother and husband Chad Kroeger caring for her while home in Ontario.

Lavigne says that fans helped keep her spirits up during the difficult and scary period, telling People Mag “They (fans) were asking about me since I was MIA, so I mentioned to one fan directly that I wasn’t feeling good. The get-well messages and videos they sent touched me so deeply.”

Thankfully, Lavigne says she now feels about 80 per cent better and is even releasing a new song Fly later this month in support of the 2015 Special Olympics.