Back To The Future 2’s 2015 Vs. The Real 2015: What Did The 1989 Movie Get Right?


Thu, January, 8 by

Movie buffs might remember that the premise of Back To The Future Part II was that the film’s hero Marty McFly travels into the future a.k.a. 2015. Wait, 2015? That’s now!!

Of course, there was no way for the 1989 to predict the future, but they did their best by portraying the futuristic world the way we might do so to the year 2173 now. Who knows, maybe we will finally get hoverboards by then!

Below, we’ve decided to break down some of the biggest similarities and differences between Back To The Future‘s version of 2015 and the real life 2015. You’d be surprised by the things that they actually got right!

Back To The Future’s 2015: HOVERBOARDS!

The Real 2015: While we tried, we still don’t have hoverboards.

Back To The Future’s 2015: Self-lacing Nikes!

The Real 2015: OMG Nike’s actually working on it!!

Back To The Future’s 2015: Black & Decker have created something called a Food Hydrator, i.e. the ultimate Easy Bake Oven.

The Real 2015: No such thing exists, sigh.

Back To The Future’s 2015: People dress like this.

The Real 2015: People actually dress like this.

Back To The Future’s 2015: Jaws 19 is out and holograms are everywhere.

The Real 2015: We don’t even have a Jaws 8 let alone a Jaws 19 and while our theatres don’t feature holograms, holograms do exist!

Back To The Future’s 2015: Hologram ads!

The Real 2015: Just annoying internet pop-up ads.

Back To The Future’s 2015: Video chats and double ties!

The Real 2015: Okay double ties are not a thing, but Skyping someone is!

Back To The Future’s 2015: Cars can fly!

The Real 2015: Only in our wildest dreams…and in Harry Potter.