Beats 1 Radio Hosts Zane Lowe And Ebro Darden Talk Drake’s Legacy

Drake Int Beats

Beats 1 Radio hosts Zane Lowe and Ebro Darden started their online radio show as a way to focus on the music they wanted to hear and support the artists of their choice. One of the artists that the duo have been fans of for years is the 6ix God himself, Drake.

Much host Tyrone Edwards sat down with the radio heavyweights to get their thoughts on the Canadian superstar and why they think he stands out from the crowd.

“We will look back on Drake as one of the greatest to ever contribute to music in general,” says Darden. From his melding of genres to highlighting his city, Darden believes that Drake’s ability to meld all the facets of his life and music is what has made him one of the biggest artists in the world. “Hip hop fans can debate this or debate that and this happened the right way or that happened the right way. But the way he put everything together including his home base.”

Zane Lowe, who recently interviewed Drake just hours before Drizzy released his fourth studio album Views, agrees that the multi-talented artist’s ability to shine a light on his hometown is also one of his greatest achievements. “He created a global interest and a localized interest and imagery based on a city that was outside the frame,” says Lowe. “I think he’s just getting started.”

Check out the full interview below!